Did you have a flooding or rainwater drainage issue during a recent storm?

The Franklin Square Civic Association has drafted a template letter for residents to use to report drainage issues in their area quickly and efficiently to our local municipalities. All you need to do is fill out your specific information and attach the letter to an e-mail. This saves you from having to spend time writing the letter, and the need to search for contact information.

There are two letters. One for our County Executive, and one to our Town of Hempstead Council member. Their contact information and email address can be found on the template.

If you have previously entered drainage issue information on our submission form, which we have taken out of service to replace it with the letters, it is being passed along to the appropriate municipality for you. You may choose to also send this letter if the issue remains unresolved in the future.

The two letters as well as a PDF of instructions are available for download below:

Click Here To Download The Instructions Page

Click Here To Download The Template Letter for Nassau County

Click Here To Download The Template Letter for the Town of Hempstead