The Hometown Hero Banner Program is a tribute to those who have served, or are currently serving in a branch of the military, and who live or have lived in Franklin Square. In 2019, the program was expanded to include first responders and health care workers. To date, we have honored 45 military heroes and 14 first responders. In 2022 the program was expanded again to include not only honorees who have lived or currently live in Franklin Square, but also honorees that do not or did not live in Franklin Square, but the sponsor for those honorees does live in Franklin Square. The entire Franklin Square community thanks all of our heroes for their service.

Hometown Hero Program Sponsors

Remey Printing
Khan Construction
Corkery Electric
Steve DiTusa
Sandy’s Party Supply
Vasilakis Family
Friends of Ed Ra
Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department
Square Contracting
Bart Badalucco
Dominic Frandina
James and Kim Morrissey
Barbara Kramer
Town of Hempstead
Franklin Square VFW Post 2718
William & Nancy Youngfert
Vasilakis Family

2021 Honorees & Sponsors

Banner Honoree Sponsor
Frank P. Curry Jr. U.S.Army Dominic Frandina
Michael P. DeLeo U.S. Army Jesse Pachter
Hannah C. Fable Nurse Practitioner Opak Family
Pamela Gregory Fernandez Physician Assistant Joseph Fernandez
Dominick Fertitta U.S. Army Jesse Gillespie
Rudolph J. Genovesi U.S. Army Paula Genovesi
Joseph J. Gurney U. S. Army Air Corps Sara Gurney
Elith “Bud” Hansen U.S. Navy Barbara Kramer
Bernard C. Howell U.S. Navy Koczko Family
Danielle, Linda, Nicole Kaminski-Reg. Nurses Bart Badalucco
Michael Karcher ICE Agent Marian Karcher
Andrew E. Kozcko U.S. Army Koczko Family
Nino LoGrande U.S. Navy Debbie LoGrande
Meghan A. McGrath Registered Nurse McGrath Family
Faith Spano Registererd Nurse Kristen Bourne Jaime
Robert E. Spohr U.S. Army National Guard Lisa Spohr

2020 Honorees & Sponsors

Banner Honoree Sponsor
Sam Basta U.S. Navy Joan Basta
Ronald Boehning U.S. Army Ronald Boehning
Manfred E. Bolte U.S. Navy Diane Bolte, Lorraine Bolte-Seveneant
Donald A. Capriglione U.S. Army Zahradka Family
Robert P. Gerrity U.S. Navy Jeanette Durst
Lester J. Grey U.S. Navy Grey/Hanscom Families
Thomas J. Hickey U.S. Navy Hickey/DeVita Families
Charles Hughes U.S. Navy Wilma Hughes
William J. Kleine Police Officer Joan Sorriero
Joseph LoPiano U.S, Army Rosario LoPiano
Michael LoPiano U.S. Navy Anthony M. LoPiano
Rosario LoPiano U.S. Army Rosario LoPiano
Anthony Meloro U.S. Army Rosario LoPiano
Andrew A. Okolski U.S. Army Victoria Okolski
Lawrence J. Prendergast U.S. Navy Prendergast Family
Howard J. Rippel U.S. Navy Ida Rippel, Theresa Rippel, Mark Rippel
John Solowsky U.S. Army AnnMarie Drosman
Charles C. Tarascio U. S. Navy Tarascio Family

2020 Honorees & Sponsors

Banner Honoree Sponsor
Anthony Binetti U.S. Navy Casano Family
Paul W. Bozzi U.S. Navy Constance Beovich
David F. Casano U.S. Navy Casano Family
James Costas U.S. Army McKenna Family
Robert CroceU.S. Army Antonia Croce
James Dinwoodie U.S. Air Force Barbara and Michael Priolo
Arthur T. Grey U.S. Army Barbara Grey
Anthony P. Huskisson U. S. Navy Terese Huskisson and Theresa Durchhalter
Joseph Maiale U.S. Army Joseph Maiale
Joseph A. Malone II U. S. Navy Tarascio and Malone Families
Daniel C. Maloney U.S. Army Geralyn Bock Maloney and Family
Peter J. Miale U.S.Army Maryann and Frank Miale
Joseph Muscarello U. S. Army Grey Family
Richard Muscarello U.S. Army Muscarello Family
Joseph Ottati U. S. Air Force Anthony Ottati
Jospeh F. Priolo U. S. Army Barbara and Michael Priolo
O. Thomas Saracino U.S. Army Maryann and Frank Miale
George Sautter Jr. U.S. Marine Deborah and Gregory Stephanoff
David R. Sirotta U.S. Army Cheryl Sirotta Frank
Julian L. Vanbellinghen U.S. Army Tarascio Family
Charles Dib Firefighter Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.
Thomas Hetzel Firefighter Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.
Michael Kiefer Firefighter Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.
Paul Ryf Firefighter Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.
Daniel Strong Firefighter Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.
Paul H. Tritschler Firefighter Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.