Letter From The President – 2/1/2021

February 1, 2021

As we are now into 2021, the FSCA board would like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. We are all hopeful that this New Year brings us all a renewed sense of hope with which to face the future.

At the close of last year, we unveiled our seasonal turnpike banners. We hope to continue to expand the program pending some fundraising efforts. The Spruce Up the Square Committee can be reached at secretary@fsqcivic.org if you’d like some more details or would care to join the committee. They typically meet virtually once a month to discuss projects and ideas. If you enjoyed the banners, I encourage you to contact our representatives at the Town of Hempstead and thank them for all their assistance with this project. Specifically, Councilmember’s Blakeman and Muscarella were particularly supportive.

The FSCA has resumed our board and general meetings after our usual holiday hiatus. The guests at our most recent virtual general meeting were personnel from the Franklin Square and West Hempstead Water districts. They spoke to us about the ongoing efforts to mitigate the 1,4 dioxane pollution in our water supply. They were highly informative and graciously answered many questions from our viewers. If you missed the meeting, it can be viewed on our Facebook page.

This month, several community members notified us that they had concerns over the state of the un-shoveled sidewalks by the Franklin Square Post Office. The sidewalks and lot remained uncleared during one of the storms our area experienced earlier in January. The President of the Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce (FSCC), Lisa DelliPizzi expressed to us that that some residents also contacted her regarding this matter. Ms. DelliPizzi was able to get in contact with the appropriate people at the Town of Hempstead and the sidewalks and lot have been cleared after subsequent storms. We thank her and the FSCC for aiding the community in this matter. The FSCA has written a joint letter with the FSCC to the Town of Hempstead to ask them to continue to closely monitor the situation at the Post Office and the adjacent town parking lot during any future storms we may see this winter.

Our upcoming general meeting will be a short one. We will be installing our new board members. New York State Assemblyman Ed Ra will conduct the swearing-in. We have four general members joining our board and we welcome them with much excitement and anticipation. The next general meeting will take place live on Facebook on February 24th at 7:00 pm. We hope you all can join us.

Katherine Tarascio
President, FSCA