A petition to the Board of the Town of Hempstead regarding the conditions of Averill Park, a Town of Hempstead Franklin Square Special District park.

The residents that live in the area of Franklin Square immediately surrounding Averill Park, together with other community members, are writing to respectfully request that immediate attention be paid to deteriorating conditions at the park. There are several issues which need to be addressed specifically relating to the health and safety of the residents of Franklin Square.

  1. Several sidewalks at the park are lifted, disjointed, cracked and therefore dangerous. This is especially true at the park's maintenance entrance and the basketball courts and in front of the park's main front gate entrance way. Residents request that they are repaired for the safety of all.
  2. The park's Maintenance Building, which is the original building from 55 years ago, is worn and derelict and has not had significant work done to improve or update its appearance. The attempt to paint a small section with a dark color has been deemed an eyesore by nearby residents who can see it daily from their properties. This building was damaged during Superstorm Sandy and was never repaired properly. The building has damaged and falling portion of siding as well as a broken window. At one time, large trees acted as screening to camouflage and block the view of the building. Sadly, the miniature trees that were recently planted will not grow to cover up and therefore conceal the unsightly building. Residents request that significant improvements be made to the appearance of the building as it is now a daily eyesore for all those living in the vicinity.
  3. The parks maintenance parking lot is in extreme need of repaving. There are several large potholes and depressions which collect stagnant water and result in mosquito infestations. It is also an eyesore during the day when the park gates are open. Residents request that this area be cleaned and paved for the health and safety of all.
  4. The garage adjacent to the maintenance building is also in desperate need of attention. The industrial appearance is un-appealing and the yard is over grown with weeds and littered with ladders, bricks, wood piles, and large rusted containers. Residents request that trees or shrubs be added behind the fencing to conceal the unsightly yard.

Thank you for signing this petition.

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