Franklin Square Civic Association - Community Survey
Franklin Avenue Storage Facility

West Park Fitness Corp., is requesting variances to enable the construction of a 3-story self-storage facility at 600 Franklin Avenue in Franklin Square. This location is on the west side of Franklin Avenue just south of Valley Caterers. The location is currently populated by Consumers Kitchen and Bath, Rapid Response Urgent Care, and a vacant store (formerly Island Recreation). 

The Town of Hempstead Board of Zoning Appeals held a public hearing on 4/6/2022 at which point the case was adjourned until 5/11/2022. At the hearing on 5/11/2022 the case was ajourned again as requested by Laura Schaefer, attrorney for Valley Caterers. The next hearing for the case is now scheduled for 7/13/2022 at the Town Meeting Pavilion, Town Hall Plaza, 1 Washington Street, Hempstead, New York. 

The Franklin Square Civic Association, at the request of our community members, is conducting a survey to enable residents of our community to provide feedback regarding this request.  All responses will be compiled and provided to the Town of Hempstead Board of Zoning Appeals at the next hearing on 7/13/2022.

The Franklin Square Civic Association believes it is important to allow our community members to have a voice in major decisions that affect Franklin Square. Our platform will assist in gathering the feedback of the community and, as an organization, we will provide the data to the Town of Hempstead. 


Public Notice Information Provided by the Town of Hempstead:

302/22. FRANKLIN SQUARE - West Park Fitness Corp., Use variances for proposed self- storage facility & electric transformer a portion of which is in a residence "B" district, variances, lot are occupied, side yard, rear yard, construct 3-story self-storage facility & electric transformer in a residence "B" district; Use variances for proposed self-storage facility & dumpster a portion of which is in a residence "C" district, variances, lot area occupied, side yard, rear yard, construct 3-story storage facility & dumpster in a residence "C" district; special exception to park in residences "B" & "C" districts (existing building to be demolished)., W/s Franklin Ave., 573' S/o Gavrin Blvd., f/k/a 600 Franklin Ave. S.E.Q.R. determination not made

Please complete the fields below in the survey and click the Submit button to submit your response.  

If you already completed this survey regarding the Storage Facility on Franklin Ave, please do not submit another response as the town of Hempstead will disregard duplicate entries.